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Brief Curriculum Vitae

Brief Curriculum Vitae
Dr. Joe Peters (B.Soc. Sci., 71, S'pore.; M.M., 81, UP; PhD., 99, West Aust.)
Full Name: Dr. Joseph E. E. Peters
Mailing Address: 126 Jalan Chempaka Kuning
Tel/Fax: 65-64460979. SKYPE: sonic_asia
Past Work
Dr. Peters has had a dual career at the National University of Singapore (1971-2009): first, as one of the prime individuals who developed a large music performance programme (1971-1993), and then as Associate Director of Multimedia services and applications (1993-2009). He has seved as musical director of many organizations including the Singapore Sceneshifters, and was founder and director of the NUS Electronic Music Lab and the NUS Rondalla. Between 192 and 2009 her was Singapore’s representative to many ASEAN music projects including being the Chief-Editor and Director of the “Sonic Orders in ASEAN Musics” field-to-laboratory ethnomusicology project, and the Inaugural Co-Chairman of the ASEAN Korea Traditional Orchestra (Web Link: Between 2000-2008 he taught a music-elective (Music East and West) at the Singapore Management University, where he designed a Listenology Laboratory and tested the basic principles of his new area of work - Timeline Music Education (TME). Between 2009 and 2011 he served as External Music Examiner for the University of Wales.
Current Work at Sonic Asia Music Technologies
He is currently the Chief Consultant of Sonic Asia Music Technologies., developing TME pedagogies and technologies. TME is the art and science of delivering information (text, audio commentary, graphics and animation) to nodes on the timeline of the music. This pedagogy is part of his larger work in measuring, monitoring and modeling world sonic environments. TME has been the focus of his research for his Masters, Ph.D and Post-Doctoral work. His special mix of skills in Music and AV-IT has enabled the localizing and individualizing of the TME experience.
NUS Rondalla and the Tremolo Orchestrta
He is the Founder, Conductor and Musical Director of the National University of Singapore Rondalla (Web Link: Currently, he is developing the Tremolo Orchestra with newly designed instrument-families of bandorias, mandolins, guitars, double basses and percussion. He has written a Hueristic Group Method for Rondalla and Tremolo Orchestra to facilitate performance-based, holistic and self-paced music education.
Related Work and Membership in Associations
Singapore Liaison for ICTM (International Council for Traditional Music); Committee Mixte member of RILM (Repertoire International for Music Libraries); Advisor to MusicSG, a digital-music database at the National Library Board in Singapore; member of the Arts Resource Panel, National Arts Council of Singapore; and, Advisor to the Singapore Indian Orchestra, Peoples Association of Singapore. He has membership in ISME (International Society for Music Education); IASA (International Association for Sound and Audio Visual Archives); IAML (International Association for Music Libraries): Laon Laon (Forum for Ethnomusicology Centers), University of the Philippines; APSE (Asia Pacific Society for Ethnomusicology); Latitude 35 South (Argentina). where he is the Asian Coordinator; and the International Rondalla Congress (Philippines).
AV-IT Career
In his AV-IT career, he has published an AV Product Evaluation Measure under the Audio Engineering Society (Web Link: ). It is being used at the National University of Singapore for internal AV product evaluation. His work as Associate Director of Multimedia at NUS he managed AV-IT services and applications, including the technologies that supported the Singapore-MIT Alliance and a number of specialized medical laboratories. He pioneered the adoption of video conferencing technologies at NUS.
Publications and Papers (last 3 years)
Peters, Joe. (2009). The Sonic Environment as a Modeling, Measuring and Monitoring Index: A case Study of Singapore. Paper presented at ICTM World Conference, Durban, South Africa. Unpublished.
Peters, Joseph. (2010). Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Approach to General Music Education using the Sonic Environment Music Measuring Index (SEMMI). Paper presented at ISME 2010, Beijing.
Peters, Joseph. (2010). Timeline Music Commentary Technique: A Guided Music Listening Approach to Musical Deconstruction. Workshop presented at ISME 2010, Beijing
Peters, Joe. (2010). Xoan Singing Tradition: A Case for UNESCO Intangible Cultural Award. In Proceedings of the International Scientific Conference: Xoan Singing in Phu Tho. Vietnam: Vietnemese Institute for Musicology, pp. 166–172.
Peters, Joe. (2011) MusicPlusOne: AVIT Systems Configuration “Writing to Digital Memory” to Facilitate Timeline Music Education for Listeners. Malaysia: University Putra Malaysia. Awaiting Publication.
Peters, Joe (2011). Plotting “On-loading and In-loading” Trajectories in an Attempt to Understand Hybridism in Musical Evolution. In Mohd Anis Md Nor. (eds). Hybridity in the Performing Arts of Southeast Asia. Malaysia: University of Malaya, pp. 37-42.
Peters, Joe. (2011). Reconnecting with Pre-1511 Musical Culture in the Littoral States of the Straits of Malacca. Paper Presented at the International Conference “The Impact of Music in Shaping Southeast Asian Societies”, 2-3, September, College of Music, University of the Philippines, Quezon City. Unpublished.
Peters, Joe (2011). Plotting the Evolutionary Trajectory of Don Ca Tai Tu using SOLMI (Sonic Orders Listening Mode Index). Paper presented at the Scientific Conference on the Art of Don Ca Tai Tu, Vietnam Institute of Musicology, Hanoi. To be Published.
Peters, Joe. (2011). An Annotated List of Music Research Publications in ASEAN and Asia between 1969 and 2009. (Based on the Collection in Joe Peters’ Library). Unpublished.
Peters, Joe. (2011). The Ethos and Rationale for the Development of the Singapore-Vietnam
Bandoria, and its Relationship to the Spanish Bandurria, the Filipino
Banduria, and other related Tremolo Instruments. Presented at the 3rd International Rondalla Festival, Tagum, Mindanao. To be published in Musika, University of the Philippines.
Peters, Joe. (2011). The 3rd International Rondalla Festival: An Appraisal. To be published in Musika, University of the Philippines.
Peters, Joe. (2012). Timeline Music Education: Now and the Future. Poster Session Abstract, IAML Conference, Montreal, 22-27 July, 2012
Peters, Joe. (2012). SEMMI (Sonic Environment Music Measuring Index): A Framework for Sustainability of Traditional and Indigenous Musical Systems. Abstract Submitted to the 3rd International Conference on Heritage and Sustainability Development, Portugal, 19-22 June, 2012.
Peters, Joe. (2012). A Critical Review of ASEAN Publications Between 1989 and 2005 on Culture and Ethnomusicology. Abstract submitted to the 2nd Study Group on the Performing Arts of South East Asia, Manila, 14-19 June, 2012.
Peters, Joe and Guan, Joseph. (2012). Neurofeedback Analysis of Brain Responses to Cross Elemental Music Stimuli : A Sampling Study of Musicians in Singapore. Abstract submitted to the 2nd Study Group on the Performing Arts of South East Asia, Manila, 14-19 June, 2012.
Peters, Joe. (2012). Timeline Field and Laboratory Method: The Study of Weichang Music in Singapore. Abstract submitted to the 2nd Study Group on Applied Ethnomusicology, Nicosia, Cyprus,
18-22 April, 2012.
Book In Progress
Peters, Joe. (2013). Sonic Orders and the Sonic Environment: The Sustainability for World Musical Systems. Singapore: Sonic Asia Music Consultants.